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We may ask, are we speaking about five elements, five phases, five movements, five actions, or something altogether different?The truth is that, depending on the use and context, any one of these might be an appropriate translation.It has become routine in recent decades to insist that, in its cosmological uses, should be rendered into English as “five phases” rather than “five elements”, and to make a deliberate distinction between the role of these five in Chinese cosmology and the notion of the four elements in Greek thought, according to which the Greek notions of earth, air, fire, water are generally thought to represent actual fixed material substances.Sometimes does in the Chinese language, it is used to describe movement (e.g.In addition to the future general, Zhou accepted other children as archery pupils.During his tutelage, Zhou taught the children all of his skills and even rewarded Yue with his two favorite bows because he was his best pupil.

To back translate, then, the Chinese conception of “element” is quite different from the Western one, in that it does not imply a fixed substantial essence that remains unchanged and constitutes the discrete difference between one object and all others.With the publishing of Yue Fei's 17th folklore biography, The Story of Yue Fei (1684), a new distinct fictional Zhou Tong emerged, which differed greatly from his historical persona.Not only was he now from Shaanxi; but he was Yue's adopted father, a learned scholar with knowledge of the eighteen weapons of war, and his personal name was spelled with a different, yet related, Chinese character.After Zhou's death, Yue would regularly visit his tomb twice a month and perform unorthodox sacrifices that far surpassed that done for even beloved tutors.Yue later taught what he had learned from Zhou to his soldiers and they were successful in battle.

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