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Sadly it’s the truth, but this bad news gets even worse. They are university students, average Jane’s, day-to-day girls who have other jobs but just want or need more cash.

Amnesty recently interviewed 77 refugee women from Syria in Lebanon.

Everyone approaches me to go with them in exchange for money. [Another time] someone said that they would give me money for rent in return for marriage.

I say to them: ‘Who gives you the right to speak to me like this?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not because I don’t love this gorgeous, amazing, truly wonderful place, it’s because I recently discovered that the term “Beirut Girl” is associated with getting a prostitute! Forgive me for being so forward but let’s be honest, someone speaking their mind about the disgust around them is much less offensive than the bulls*** that is happening in clubs around Lebanon.

I will quickly mention that there are well over 100 “super nightclubs” in Lebanon, which profit over million dollars a year.

Outlawed service providers say they offer faster and cheaper web surfing.

And they have grown in popularity despite arrests and government crackdown.

“I feel threatened financially, psychologically and emotionally. The way I do my hair has changed and I have to dress differently.With Syrian women and girls scattered throughout Lebanon in shabby rental accommodations, makeshift shelters, and abandoned buildings, aids groups say they often face sexual harassment and demands for sex from landlords, store owners, and Lebanese officials.Growing up and living my entire life in Los Angeles California, I always thought to myself how great it would be to live in Beirut, Lebanon.They live in tents, abandoned buildings or rented accommodation because no new refugee camps have been set up.Internet users in Lebanon often bypass the state-owned monopoly and get connected illegally.

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I could get away from bad behaviors that seemed to be synonymous with living in LA to enjoy a relaxed carefree life in a place known for its sophistication, style and elegance…I wanted to call myself a Beirut girl, so I took the next step. After a very short time in Lebanon I learned so much about the country, some good some bad.

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