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Students also are worried about their financial stability. In heavily Mormon Utah, the median age for first-time brides has jumped from 20 in 1970 to 22 in 2008, and from 22 to 24 for men. The picture is complicated, especially in individual cases, social scientists and LDS teachers say, but a clear trend is evident: Today's young Mormons are not nearly as confident in the future, in their economic well-being or in their choices as their parents were."People in the country are pairing up," says Brigham Young University sociologist Marie Cornwall, who teaches a class in family and social change. "I really do plan on finding someone," Evans says, "and getting married." Just not yet.Online dating brings singles together who may never otherwise meet.

A lot of posts in the bloggernacle focus on the difficulties of being a woman in a church (and society) that has sexist and patriarchal norms.

A discussion over on the Dating a Widower Facebook group got me thinking about the time people spend between dating and marrying.

The conventional wisdom seems to be to date as long as possible to make sure you really know the person.

"If you choose wisely and if you are committed to the success of your marriage, there is nothing in this life which will bring you greater happiness." Apostle Richard G. "If you are a young man of appropriate age and are not married, don't waste time in idle pursuits," Scott urged. Don't just coast through this period of life." Their concern is natural.

After all, marriage is a core Mormon teaching and temple marriage is a prerequisite for the highest Mormon heaven. Traditional dating is almost a quaint custom on college campuses, where hanging out in groups and casual sex "hook ups" are increasingly common.

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In Golden Rule fashion, I thought I’d take a little time to brainstorm on what our brothers in the gospel experience, just as I want them to understand things from a woman’s perspective.

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