Comcast data usage meter not updating

The Time Warner program is now offering a discount and an discount on its 2Mbps, 3Mbps and 15 Mbps tiers so users who stay below a 5 GB cap get off the retail price, while users staying below 30 GB get off the retail price. In most cases, the companies implementing caps maintain that 99 or 98 percent of their users don’t go over them and have median usages that range between 12 and 18 GB per month.

I’ve been an AT&T customer for roughly ten years and on an i Phone user for the last six.

While not the most inconvenient change of all time, no one will argue with automatic.

As of a few days ago, probably coinciding with the latest June 2017 firmware update (!

Specifically, pinging these names doesn't resolve them. Is this something that broke with this release, or is it something broken on my end?

C:\Users\Archon810ping PC-1Ping request could not find host PC-1. I know it's not an individual PC issue, because I can't connect to any of my 3 Windows PCs from any of them by name.

Meanwhile, Century Link has decided not to cap its gigabit customers. Last year we included a column for exceptions to the cap, but this year there aren’t any, so we took that column out.

Time Warner Cable is expanding an opt-in program that offers discounts to users if they accept a cap — a program that Comcast is trialing as well.

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Meanwhile, Cable One has changed what was a complex cap scheme that was based on time of day and service tier into a blanket cap determined by the speed of broadband you buy.

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