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The rest is no problem.” I’m confident these people meant to both affirm our first year of marriage and remind us that we shouldn’t be surprised when things get harder.I’ve heard many Christian dating “horror stories.” It’s funny, because sometimes when I asked the person why it was so terrible, they said something like, “They were so rude!The comments went something like this: “You made it to your first anniversary! ” “Year one is tough, but year seven is the roughest.If you can make it past that, you’re golden.” “Our third year is what almost broke me.If you are a Christian who loves a good debate, or who is seeking knowledge or companionship online, you have plenty of opportunity for all that and more through Christian forums.The following top 50 Christian forums on the Web range from formats that accept and address all Christian faiths to forums focused on specific faiths. Chalcedon – Emperor Marcion & Leo, Bishop of Rome 451 AD – 600 Bishopsi.Condemned Monophysitism of Eutyches – Christ had one ‘fused’ nature, previously condemned for teaching Jesus had ‘one’ natureii.

Nicaea II - 787 AD (Media - Paul Icon; 12th century Icon) i.

Monothelitism entertained - Jesus two natures and one divine will; iii.

Further condemned Monophysitism - 1 nature, divine, not two.f.

– Leo declared his own See and his successors there as the primary See and being in direct Petrine line of papal primacy. Constantinople II - Eastern Emperor Justinian I - 553 AD i.

Condemned - Theodore of Mopsuestia - Nestorian teaching ii.

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The series includes each book in PDF, Kindle, and Nook formats.

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